Hi, I'm Jordan, thanks for stopping by.

Here's the short pitch: I am endlessly in awe of and curious about people. What they do, how they think, what they create, how they change, affect, and enrich the world. I want to help people feel as alive and comfortable and free in their bodies and minds as I can so that they can keep contributing to the amazing complexity that I cherish. 

My journey towards becoming a massage therapist, bodyworker, and yoga teacher has been long and winding - it's hard to know where to start!

The first real work I did in the healing fields was actually at the University of Kansas where I earned my MA in American Studies.  I was studying the cultures of yoga, wellness, and historical health practices in the United States. More specifically I looked at how those practices affected people of different races, religions, ages, genders, and sexualities.  After a couple of years in the library I decided that while I loved reading and teaching about this work, I really wanted to do the work with my hands.

This decision led me to Austin, TX where I earned my yoga teacher certification with two teachers who are also bodyworkers and incredible holistic healers.  As I started teaching yoga I was inspired to keep gathering new skills and when we moved to North Carolina I went to massage therapy school. I practice a variety of modalities based on what is right for you and I attempt to always be aware or to learn the ways in which cultural and social realities can be carried in your unique body so that I can serve you to the best of my ability. 

As a yoga teacher and massage therapist I aim to continue my work engaging clients in their unique journeys towards health. It is my intention to meet clients where they are in order to empower them towards better movement, awareness, nutrition, and overall health. As a holistic and interdisciplinary therapist I work well in both group and individual settings to provide a positive, safe, and achievable relationship to wellness regardless of age, experience, or lifestyle.