Diet and Nutrition Consultation

I am not a registered nutritionist or dietitian and will not prescribe or suggest any particular diet for you.  However, if you have been recommended dietary or nutritional changes I have several years of experience helping people transition to new ways of eating, shopping, and cooking and am happy to consult with you. This service will allow us to go over the suggested diet, help you understand what it entails, why different aspects are necessary and can help you lay out a plan that makes transition and success feel safe and achievable.  

Food Preparation 

I have several years experience as a personal cook in people's homes and this experience often pertains to cooking for special diets.  I have cooked vegan, vegetarian, paleo, GAPS, AIP, low-sodium, low-glycemic index, and many more.  I am happy to work with you in any capacity on food preparation whether it be shopping, meal prep, or coaching as you attempt to create a wonderful relationship with food and your body.



Consulting and Food Preparation Rates

Rates vary based on the needs of the client and the frequency of meetings.  Email to set up a free phone consultation to discuss your needs.