What is Bodywork?

I use the term bodywork because it expands on massage to include other techniques and modalities including but not limited to energy work, sports massage, and myofascial release.  Bodywork allows us to look at your unique life experiences and connect the dots.  Emotional experiences, trauma, old injuries, and childhood patterns often affect what we feel in our bodies day to day. By taking all of this into account we can treat your specific needs and get you back to living your life to the fullest.


How do I prepare?


What happens when I get there?


You prepare first and foremost by showing up ready to take care of yourself! From there, being well-hydrated is always helpful. Your muscles are actually easier to work with and more open to relaxing if they are nice nourished with H2O.  When and how much you eat beforehand is up to you but do remember that you might be lying on your stomach and a very full belly can be uncomfortable.



I will greet you and have you fill out paperwork about your history as well as informed consent and liability waivers. We will then discuss what brings you in and a plan for your treatment. Next we get to work!

At the end of our session I will check in with you for feedback and we will discuss future appointments and plans.   


What is expected of me? What about of you?

It is expected that you will be a participant in a positive, healthy, and respectful relationship with me and any other staff at the facilities. It is also expected that you will show up ready to participate in this healing work whether that means allowing yourself to relax or giving feedback if you become uncomfortable. Finally it is expected that you will be honest about your health history and that you will pay for services rendered at the time of the appointment. 

As a participant in your healing I can guarantee you a professional, sanitary, and safe experience that is tailored to your specific needs.  I commit to holding space for you while using the knowledge, experience, and practices I have learned to create more ease in your body. I commit to answering any questions to the best of my ability and to admitting when a request or need is beyond the scope of my practice.