Bodywork, Money, and Time

Happy New Year everyone!

Heading into the new year we tend to think about goals, progress, and generally what we want out of life.  With that we start setting our priorities, and if your priorities involve feeling better, making more time and space for yourself, and restoring yourself so that you can do your best living/working in the world I am here to help.

I have some new offerings heading into the New Year that I want to update you on!

First, I am still doing 60 and 90 minute appointments over at Blue Point Yoga so come see me anytime.  I am also still teaching Senior Yoga classes at Millennium Sports Club. 

But what is new? Well, I am hoping to expand my personal offerings to you and your friends in your homes! One of the biggest barriers I hear about is the cost of regular bodywork and I get it, so let's work around that a bit.  In the new year I want to get creative with you about how we make you and your community feel better.  Here are a list of ideas I have so far, feel free to reach out with more of your own if you have an idea but need a facilitator!

1. Partner massages (I come to your home and you each do 30 minutes, 2 happier bodies for the price of one!)

2. Group pricing (Set up in one persons home and have your friends drop by for a certain period of time at a much reduced price because there is no overhead!)

3. Community yoga plus myofascial release (Get a group together to stretch and move through guided fascial release - learn to massage yourself!)

And if you are recovering from an injury, have recently been injured, or are trying to correct a longer term problem, I am always available for regular massage sessions plus exercises at a package rate. 

So be in touch, schedule the type of appointment that is best for you, and let's start 2018 off with a wellness plan that works for you!

Why Blueprint?

Welcome to the blog associated with Blueprint Bodywork.  I think a good place to start is with the name - why Blueprint Bodywork?

The name is inspired by the overlap in the architecture/design/art world and human anatomy. Both scientifically and creatively the two are incredibly interconnected, to the point that much of the terminology we use to talk about muscles and fascia is derived from architectural theory.

I personally am inspired by Buckminster Fuller and his utopian dreams for a better world and for a life well-lived. Like Fuller it is my hope that with sound principles, ethics, and attention to detail within our own bodies we can all live richer lives.

Fuller had many guiding ethics in his designs that I find highly applicable to my work on and with bodies.  His guiding principles included examining the behavior of whole systems rather than just separate parts, embracing all aspects of being, making the product more accessible to more people, applying modern knowledge and intellect as well as exploring intuition, and making people more comfortable.  Learn More

So, like an architect we will start this work with guiding principles and a blueprint.  It is not a final draft and we may spend hours together at the drafting table. But in the end we will have a vision that is uniquely yours, the model for who you hope to be. 

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