"Jordan has been a great bodyworker and teacher to me. Not only can she give a massage that is relaxing and takes my mind off of day-to-day stress, she can also work with me to discuss longer-term strategies for me and my body. She has helped me work little exercises and habits into my routine that help me maintain and build long-term health, comfort, and stability." - Client

"When I pulled a thigh muscle, she incorporated past problems I have had with that leg and brainstormed ideas with me about healing this pull and preventing another. She eased my immediate pain quickly and set me up for long-term healing." - Client


"After a couple of classes, I was hooked! Yoga is so soothing and so much fun. It gets my day started with energy and a positive attitude, and an added bonus is that I have met new friends. Jordan encourages and inspires us to do the best we can, but she never pushes us to do anything that is uncomfortable. She is an excellent teacher and it shows in the progress that her students have made" - Senior yoga student

"As a result of the intentional progression of the class, I have seen real improvement of my strength, mobility, and balance. Jordan is very helpful in individualizing the class to help us deal with our aches and pains and personal challenges. She varies what we do, so the class never gets boring and keeps challenging us. Her repertoire of "new moves" is amazing!" - Senior yoga student